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Feed Mark Zuckerberg's insatiable greed!

Why wait for LIBRA when you can waste your time TODAY?

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Token Distribution

Token Distribution has ended. Thank you to all who participated! Any ETH sent to the contract address will be donated to the developers to fund exchange listings. Just like LIBRA, Zuck Bucks offers no inherent benefit besides putting your money directly into the pocket of the developers. Distributing Zuck Bucks occured according to this series, with "x" being the amount of ETH sent: Distribution.

Transactions ETH Sent ZBUX Received Total ZBUX in Circulation
1 1 133,332‬ ZBUX 133,332‬ ZBUX
2 0.1 41,250‬ ZBUX 174,582 ZBUX
3 2 79,998 ZBUX 254,580‬ ZBUX
4 0.01 21,041 ZBUX 275,621 ZBUX


Now that Facebook has successfully milked the masses of their data, broken the trust of their userbase, and created an ad-filled hellscape, the only next logical step forward is the creation of a completely centralized currency! After all, there's no possible way that unbridled corporate greed could ever have a significant impact on the rest of the world! Besides, whose wallet would you rather line? A random person on the internet, or a multi-billionaire?

ZBUX is an ERC20 token which can be used to do absolutely nothing, just like LIBRA! Want to buy a cup of coffee with your ZBUX? Too bad! Need to pay your bills? Better use another currency! Want to pile on to Mark Zuckerberg's already incredibly overinflated bank account? Now we're getting somewhere! Zuck Bucks is more valuable than LIBRA will ever be because we, the community, control it. Not Facebook!

Be brave, be bold, and buy ZBUX (because some random person on the internet says so).

Waste your time with ZBUX

(Theoretically) Increase Facebook's already overinflated share price

Distribution has ended! Thank you all for your support, you can now trade ZBUX on exchanges!

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